Celebration of International Women's Day 2021
Mar 08 2021

Celebration of Women's Day 2021

  • Thikana Resort

Women's Day Message 2021 Rubina Khan President, BELTA

Happy International Women's Day! This women's day, I want to talk about the importance of acknowledging the success stories of women, recognizing their trials and tribulations, and taking a moment to realize that each woman's liberation looks different. We often measure the success of a woman by socially recognized standards- stereotypes of marital success, achievements as a mother, or movement up the socioeconomic ladder. However, it is important to acknowledge that each woman's success is a personal journey. What I mean by that is, while Mother Teresa's success story encompasses her passion project in charitable work, Beth French- a multiple record holder and champion in extreme outdoor swimming explains how being in the water gives her freedom. On the other hand, my graduate student who comes from a remote village, tells me how offering three tuition services helps her raise the funds for her courses and her rent, paving the path for pursuing her dream education and conversely, my mother's caregiver explains how coming to a seemingly dull, geriatric caregiving job makes her feel liberated from the clutches of her own household responsibilities. These stories make me realise - every woman's liberation and success looks different and we must acknowledge that these differences make us unique, they make us strong, powerful and multi-talented- they make us a woman. This women's day, let us stop allowing others to define our success, let us continue to break barriers, let us pursue all our passion projects and let us celebrate all our achievements- no matter how small they may seem to the outside world.

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