Journal Cover

Instructions for Authors

  1. Words limit: Research articles in a camera ready condition within not more than 5000 words (including abstract, the main article, references, appendices, acknowledgment, and author's biography).
  2. Book review in not more than 1000 words. The book must be published within the last five years from standard and approved publishing house.
  3. Times New Roman in 11 point font size is to be followed. Double space must be there. Pagination should be 1 inch on all sides on an A4 paper.
  4. APA 6th style sheet should be followed.
  5. The author's details and contact should be on a separate page (first page), and the abstract and the article should start from the second page.
  6. Article title should be in 14 font size and in bold and the author's name should be in 12 font size and bold.
  7. Tables, charts, graphs should be numbered and clearly visible in black and white (Follow APA style).
  8. Follow Sage UK Style Guide for heading and sub-heading.
  9. If there is any acknowledgment or declaration, it should be mentioned before references. Appendices should be placed after references. Please avoid long appendices.
  10. Write-ups submitted elsewhere must not be submitted here.
  11. Endnotes, instead of footnotes, should be used.
  12. Authors will be responsible for plagiarism. Plagiarized writing from any author might result in cancelling that particular author from submitting writing in this journal later on.
  13. All writings must be submitted by email at: