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Online Language Teacher Education in Bangladesh: A Possibility Ahead
Nazida A. Fabee and Dr. Asifa Sultana
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A Case Study of the Influence of Prior Learning Experiences on English Language Teachers' Beliefs
Zakia Ahmad
Page 17-31 Download
Reviewing Translation and L1 in Language Pedagogy from Translanguaging Lenses
Dr. Mian Md. Naushaad Kabir
Page 32-46 Download
An ELF-based Syllabus for Teaching English Pronunciation to Native Bengali Speakers (NBS)
Amin Rahman and Dr. Raqib Chowdhury
Page 57-64 Download
Teaching Speaking Using Post-Method Framework: A Possible Complement to CLT in Bangladesh
Shahnaz Akhter and Md. Ashikuzzaman
Page 65-71 Download
Repetition of Writing Topics in the Secondary School Certificate Examination and Students' Dependence on Memorisation
Injamamul Sarwer and Arpita Haque
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In Conversation with Tove Skutnabb-Kangas and Robert Phillipson Page 91-127 Download