To provide a robust direction to the English Language teaching community, particularly at the grassroots level


  • to facilitate effective communication within the English language teaching community
  • to develop and empower English teachers at all levels (primary, secondary, tertiary)
  • to improve the standards of learning and teaching English throughout the country

To Achieve these Objectives

  • BELTA organizes teacher development workshops and other ELT activities
  • BELTA organizes international & national conferences on ELT
  • BELTA promotes ELT activities by forming regional branches
  • BELTA publishes quarterly Newsletters filled with interesting materials related to ELT
  • BELTA collaborates with public and private sector agencies for developing teacher expertise
  • BELTA networks with similar Teachers Associations in Asia and other parts of the world in order to disseminate, share ideas and methodologies appropriate for the local situation
  • BELTA supports research, particularly action research, by ELT practitioners
  • BELTA publishes a refereed Journal annually
  • BELTA is in the process of increasing its Special Interest Groups
    • Testing and Assessment (TEA SIG) and
    • Young Learners (YL SIG)
  • BELTA plans to develop contextually suitable ELT materials for use in English teaching and learning
  • BELTA actively supports environmental, peace and human rights issues through its activities and published materials.